Road traffic accidents are the first cause of death at work

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ActInSpace and Galileo Masters prizes winner

Lycie is a solution based on a CNES patent that enables automatic detection of abnormal behaviours both on the road and on the driver's side

ActInSpace: 24h hackathon with 2229 participants in 32 countries across 5 continents supported by CNES and ESA

Galileo Masters: international innovation competition that recognises downstream applications of satellite navigation supported by the European Commission

Save money

Save up to 30% on your car insurance

Drive safer with Lycie and be rewarded with a discount on your car insurance!

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Safe & Powerful

Analysis of the driver's behaviour

Your smartphone keeps an eye on you in case you fall asleep or get distracted while driving

Voice controlled

No more distractions from your smartphone! Enjoy the safety of using your voice to place calls and send text messages. You can focus on the road!


Notifications and alerts tells you about potential dangers so that you can act before it's too late

Analysis of the road

The app keeps an eye on the road to check driving distance, potential obstacles or other cars not driving safely

GPS/Galileo friendly

Keep using your usual navigation app, Lycie runs in the background and will only alert you when necessary


Set or unset all the features you need on the app: you're the driver!


Lycie & cie

Jérémy Maisse

Innovation, Design & Communication

Passionate about the digital and entrepreneur worlds, Jérémy is a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding, kitesurfing and wakeboarding!

Jean Galinowski

Product & Marketing

Entrepreneur and well travelled, he's driven in many different contries... often on dangerous roads!

Antoine Bocquier

Sales & Network

He sees the opportunities everywhere and aims at creating smart connections between people to keep innovation going!

Guilhem Vavelin


He has a passion for projects that make the world a better place, especially those that improve or save lives

Business with Lycie

Fewer accidents means cost savings

Lycie is a telematics solution for fleet vehicle operators that reduces the risk of accident thanks to an patented technology that alerts drivers of dangerous situations



Lycie is a free app and it will remain so! Extra features that are non-safety related are available to premium users


For companies caring about the security of their employees and the protection of their fleet of vehicules


For insurance companies seeking a solution to reduce the number of claims

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Pricing Plan

Lycie saves on average 300€ per vehicule per year

Personal use

  • Safety notifications
  • Data stays on your phone

Fleet management

  • Fleet of 1-99 drivers
  • No tracking, only safety data

Fleet coaching

  • Fleet of 100+ drivers
  • Goal: zero accident

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app available on store?

We're working hard to develop and validate a public version. Once we exceed our criteria for quality and effectiveness, we'll proudly launch the app!

How can Lycie predict car accident?

Our technology is based on an artificial intelligence developed by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales originally designed to work on satelite data.

Is an internet connection required?

No, Lycie does not need an Internet connection to run. However an asynchronous connection may be necessary to benefit from the latest security updates.

What about my personal data?

All your personal data stay safe on your phone. Lycie does not save your video stream or any other data online: it extracts meaningful items from the video stream and processes everything locally.

How can I save money with Lycie?

Thanks to our partnership with insurance companies, at sign up you will connect your car insurance to Lycie and will get up to 30% off, as insurance companies already do with good drivers.

Is Big Brother watching me?

Respecting private life laws, Lycie will never stalk you. No penalty can be applied to bad drivers! You will have access to all your private data and none of them will be shared.

Will I be able to use my GPS/Galileo?

Yes, Lycie interfaces with most navigation systems. It can run in the background and is still able to protect you from accidents.

Will there be ads?

No way! Lycie is free of advertising. No intrusive popup, fishing or "999th visitor prize". We still have a soul.


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